Answers to frequently asked questions

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Where can I enter my purchased license data?
To register Lion with your license data, please right-click on the Lion symbol in the system tray (this is usually the area at the bottom right of the screen, next to the clock) and select "License...". A window will then open in which you can enter your data and register Lion in this way.
I get the message: "Since your browser does not support XSLT, this function is unfortunately not available"
Please try to set the security settings of your Internet Explorer to "normal to high" (default setting). It can also help to deactivate the Microsoft add-on "XSL Template" (if you have this installed).
I get error messages when translating words - how can I fix them?

These error messages indicate that your system (for example through a firewall or a proxy server) is preventing the downloading of Java Script files, but that LEO needs them to function properly. In most cases, in this case you cannot use LEO “normally” via the browser.

Please note that Lion uses your system's Internet Explorer internally, so the following help also applies if you normally use a different browser.

Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of Internet Explorer and that Lion and your system's Internet Explorer can access all components of the LEO site. If necessary, delete the Internet Explorer browser cache.

If the error messages persist, you can read here what Microsoft recommends itself to at least deactivate the annoying display of these errors:

My virus scanner sounds the alarm for Lion files - what's going on?
Unfortunately, sporadic false positives are not uncommon. So far, without exception, all reported incidents have been false positives. We assure you that the original Lion installation files have been checked and virus-free to the best of our knowledge. Should you ever get a virus warning for a Lion file, we ask you to check this with If an infestation is confirmed here too, please contact us.