Translate with one click...powered by the popular LEO dictionaries!

With Lion, you translate words from almost any Windows application simply, quickly and comfortably with a simple mouse click on it.

Translate words in almost any Windows application with just a single mouse click

Simply click on a foreign word in an e-mail, a website, a PDF document, in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or in many other applications and get the right translation in seconds - Lion makes it possible!

In partnership with LEO , Lion offers you an extremely comprehensive and up-to-date vocabulary in many languages. With a simple click of the mouse, you can translate words directly from English into German, French, Spanish, Russian and many other languages.

If you have found the right translation, you can even have it automatically typed in for you by Lion! In addition, you always have the option of accessing LEO quickly through a shortcut key whenever you want to enter a word whose translation you do not know.

Lion has become an indispensable helper for thousands of users in over 15 years !
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“Lion reduces the click effort when using ... LEO to a minimum”
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“Lion holds what the name promises. The powerful translator brings the concentrated language knowledge of the online LEO dictionary directly to the Windows desktop. Instead of looking up through the browser, you can access the LEO knowledge quickly and comfortably from every point of your system.”
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“Simple, fast and good.”
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“If you would like to look up a foreign word, you will find the right translation in LEO's online dictionary. With "Lion", this is now even faster and more comfortable: with just one mouse click, English, French, Italian and Spanish terms can be translated into German - directly from the currently open text, for example a Word or PDF document.”


Powerful Translator

Whether school, university, job or at home - Lion is by your side

Translations by mouse click

With Lion, you can translate words on your screen simply by mouse click .

Easy to use

Extremely simple installation, intuitive operation and the easy-to-understand user interface make Lion literally child's play. The program is therefore already recommended for elementary school students and of course equally suitable for corporate use.

Compatible with common software

Lion works with almost every popular software: Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and many, many more.

Low memory usage

Lion always works in the background and has therefore been optimized to minimize the burden on your system. Thus, Lion (especially "in the wait state") needs as good as no processor time and only very little memory.

Ideal for homeschooling

Lion is an indispensable helper in daily use, especially for schoolchildren, with its intuitive operation and huge, high-quality vocabulary.

Optimized code

Lion brings, despite its small size, everything that is required to run and does not depend on a framework like Java or .NET.

No local data storage required

The extensive dictionaries are not on your computer - let alone in memory. In partnership with "LEO", Lion has well over 3,000,000 translations in over 12 languages ready for you - without burdening your system. Another advantage is that new translations and (rare) corrections are always up-to-date and immediately available to you without you having to do anything.

Designed for corporate use

An extremely simple installation (also "silent"), low system requirements and a very easy-to-administer licensing makes Lion perfectly suitable for use in your company.

Lion in numbers

Easy access to numerous dictionaries with millions of entries

3 Mio
Years of experience

Lion is in daily use all over the world

Thousands of users around the world use Lion regularly to make their everyday lives easier.

In the office
Every day, Lion helps countless employees in small, medium and large well-known companies to understand and create foreign-language e-mails, websites, PDFs and many other documents.
In school and at university
Learning foreign languages is much easier with Lion. It helps to understand foreign language texts, to learn vocabulary and also to write texts.
Foreign language correspondence
Lion ist ein wertvoller Helfer, wenn es darum geht, fremdsprachige Texte zu verstehen und zu erstellen .
Professional translators
All over the world, translators use Lion to put the finishing touches to their texts.

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